Architectural supervision starting at 20 000 rub per month

Professional supervision of the construction process guarantees the successful execution of the project. Only external supervision can ensure that the building will fully conforms with the drawings. Our specialists have over 10 years of experience in construction, they know all norms and regulations, and they can effectively communicate with the construction workers. The cost of supervision services is calculated for each individual project - the final price depends on the scale of the project and the period of construction.

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We offer the full scope of construction supervision services:

  1. Field inspection - we go on site to determine if the construction process conforms with the drawings and estimates. We check if proper technologies are being used, if fire safety rules and other regulations are being followed, and if all equipment has been installed correctly.
  2. Supervision logs - we keep record of any breaches of terms, regulations, or technologies, as well as any non-conformance with the drawings or estimates.
  3. Correction of deviations - we give instructions to eliminate faults, and check if our instructions are being followed.
  4. Formal reports - we draw up acts of inspection of concealed works, and other works as required by the supervision contract, primarily those affecting the stability and durability of the building.
  5. Changes to the project - we introduce any necessary changes and additions to the project and estimate documentation by signing supplementary agreements.
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+7 (862) 241-80-60
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