Project documentation in 8 weeks

We will develop the project documentation for construction - we’ll accurately calculate loads, find optimal structural, architectural, and engineering solutions. We’ll take care of all associated issues, from developing site layout schematics, to designing integral automation systems.

The cost of project and estimate documentation starts at 400 rub. per m2. The final price is calculated individually depending on the specific characteristics of the project: it’s type, size, and other factors.

Development of project and estimate documentation is performed in two stages:

  1. Developing project documentation in order to acquire necessary permits and undergo the regulatory evaluation. This stage will result in acquiring a construction permit.
  2. Preparing detailed documentation that will serve as a basis for actual construction works, and for the as-built plans.
Up to 30 specialists are involved during each stage. This approach allows us to reduce the time needed to prepare the documentation - the task will be complete within 60 days.

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What comprises project documentation?

Project documentation comprises materials that reflect the process and the results of construction or reconstruction works: architectural and structural drawings, engineering and technical solutions.

We perform the full scope of design works required by the Government Regulation on Composition of Design Documentation Sections and Requirements to Their Contents.

Project documentation consists of the following:
  1. Explanatory note
  2. Land plot layout diagram
  3. Architectural concepts
  4. Structural concepts
  5. Technological concepts, description of engineering equipment and utility networks
    1. Electrical supply system
    2. Water supply system
    3. Water disposal system
    4. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
    5. Communication networks
    6. Gas supply system
    7. Technological concepts
  6. Construction arrangement design
  7. Demolition arrangement design
  8. Environmental protection measures
  9. Fire safety measures
  10. Measures for provision of access for people with limited mobility
  11. Energy efficiency measures, and power consumption measurement equipment
  12. Construction estimate
  13. Other documents if required by federal laws

What comprises detailed documentation?

Detailed documentation comprises documents in both text and graphic formats that provide for a complete and accurate implementation of structural and other solutions. Drawings and explanatory notes are used during construction works and in selecting proper materials and equipment that need to conform with state regulations. Detailed documentation includes:
  1. Construction technology
  2. Process communications
  3. General layout / master plan
  4. Architectural concepts
  5. Structural concepts
  6. Interior design
  7. Water supply and sewerage (internal)
  8. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  9. Thermomechanical solutions for heating facilities
  10. Air supply
  11. Gas supply (internal)
  12. Power supply equipment
  13. Electrical illumination (internal)
  14. Fire extinguishing
  15. Fire alarm
  16. Security alarm
  17. Water supply and sewerage (external)
  18. Thermomechanical solutions for heat supply systems
  19. Gas supply (external)
  20. Electrical illumination (external)
  21. Power supply
  22. Complex automation

Entrust us with the development of detailed documentation for your construction project, and we will:

  • Get all the necessary permits and the expert’s positive conclusion. Our documentation conforms with all state standards and regulations. Check out our portfolio.
  • Meet the established deadlines. We provide a bank warranty for the timely performance of contract.
  • Provide an architect’s comprehensive consultation at no charge. We will consult you on any matters regarding architectural and structural solutions.

Contact us at
+7 (862) 241-80-60
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Contact us:
+7 (862) 241-80-60
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