Russia, Moscow region, Dmitrovsky district, Popovka village

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Object type:
3-star hotel
Total floor area of the building: 26 687.93 m2
Scope of works:
basic design | design documentation | technical support during non-governmental evaluation | detailed documentation

Design concept

Design project for a new 3-star hotel building with 311 apartments on the territory of the Berezki resort complex that covers 4.7 ha. The hotel completes the ensemble of existing buildings on the territory of the resort; functionally and architecturally it is the center of the complex.

Site layout

The site is located in Popovka village near Gabovskoe rural settlement, Dmitrovski district, Moscow region. The land plot has a central axis that spans from the main entrance of the future hotel and all the way to the plot’s border. The main alley is located along that axis. There are several recreational areas with benches, flower beds, and miniature fountains. A parking lot for guests of the resort is located at the site entrance.

The future hotel is one of the main parts of the resort complex, it visually complements the park zone. The reconstructed building is located to the right of the main entrance of the complex, in front of the right wing of another future hotel for 300 persons.

The site is covered with vegetation. The design project provides for preserving plants wherever possible, introducing recreational areas with amenities in the building’s vicinity, and planting lawns with paved walkways.

Architectural concepts

The building of the hotel is U-shaped. The main entrance is located at the center of the north side of the building. On the first floor there is an entrance hall, a guest accommodation area, and the reception desk. The accommodation area is equipped with all the necessary service rooms. At the entrance hall there is a wardrobe and a waiting area with comfortable chairs, sofas, and tables. Nearby there is a bar counter that serves cold drinks, tea, and coffee for guests.

The hotel is equipped with 7 elevators and 4 stairwells. 4 elevators are designated for guests and can carry up to 630 kg each, 1 elevator is equipped for transporting fire-fighting units and can carry up to 1000 kg, and 2 elevators are for the staff and can carry up to 1000 kg. All stairwells have exits to the outside.

The hotel’s west wing is to house a restaurant for 300 seats.

The hotel’s main entrance hall leads to the anteroom of the restaurant, with a wardrobe and restrooms. The restaurant itself is a spacious rectangular hall with a high ceiling and a stage for musical performances. To the north of the dining hall there is a banquet hall for special events. Both the dining hall and the banquet hall are illuminated by daylight through ceiling-high windows. The ceiling in both halls is 5.25 m high, or 4.5 m if suspended ceiling is used to conceal electric cables and vent ducts.

Restaurant facilities are located on the underground floor, and on the first floor to the south of the dining hall.

The first floor of the hotel’s east wing is to house a spa complex, medical facilities, a gym for 30 persons, a physical therapy room for 10 persons, and a yoga room for 10 persons. The spa complex contains a barber shop, a beauty salon, dressing rooms and restrooms for men and women, a medical examination room, an injection room, a physical therapy room, and a banya (Russian sauna) accessible via the dressing rooms.

Medical facilities are located to the north, they include offices of a physician, gynecologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, otolaryngologist, dentist, and an electrocardiography room. There is a waiting hall in front of the doctors’ offices. In the south part of the hotel’s east wing there are a facilities for massage, radiation therapy, thalassotherapy, and hydromassage.

The spa complex is accessed from the main entrance hall, from other floors via staircases, and it also has two emergency exits.

Staff facilities are located in the south central part of the building.

The second floor contains technical areas in the west wing of the building, above the restaurant, and apartments and recreational areas in the central part and the east wing of the building. The living section of the floor also contains staff facilities and service rooms. The recreational room that is located in the center of the floor has access to a vast open deck above the entrance hall. This deck is envisioned as a recreational space.

Floors three through six contain hotel apartments, recreational areas, staff facilities and service rooms.

The underground floor houses a laundry room, the restaurant’s service areas, dry cleaning, and technical facilities necessary for the functioning of the hotel.

    Key parameters
  • Total number of apartments – 311
  • Total floor area of the building – 26 687.93 m2
  • Useable floor area – 21 989.35 m2
  • Effective area: 17 188.45 m2
  • Number of floors – 6