OAO «SochiAutoTrans»

Russia, Krasnodar region, Sochi, Central district, Gorkogo st., 58

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Object type:
Office building
Total floor area: 10 450 m2
Scope of works:
design documentation | detailed documentation

Design project for the reconstruction of a 16-floor administrative building with an underground two-level parking for 24 cars.

Site layout

The design project takes into account the surrounding buildings, landscape, building orientation with respect to the cardinal directions, red lines of adjacent streets, and functional zoning. The building is to be reconstructed without the need to demolish surrounding structures, as per the design assignment.

The main entrances to the building are located on the side facing the square in front of the bus station. Entrances for emergency vehicles and for pedestrians are located on Gorky street. Roads and walkways are integrated so that access to the building is convenient for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Landscaping of the adjacent area includes islets of greenery, lawns, and rest areas.

Architectural concepts

The design project accounts for the fact that the building is located at an intersection of the city’s main streets, as well as for the existing surrounding infrastructure, panoramic views, and the general structure plan.

The 16-floor building is shaped as an elliptic rectangle. It is located perpendicular to Gorky street, its main facade is facing the square in front of the bus station. The aboveground part of the complex includes 12 office floors, 1 floor for conferences and lunches, and 3 hotel floors. Two underground floors contain a parking lot, technical areas, storage rooms, and workshops.

The exterior of the building conforms with the modern architectural style; the windows are tinted, as is characteristic of administrative buildings of similar status.

Key parameters

  • 16 floors
  • Total area: 10 450 m2
  • Useable floor area: 9 110 m2
  • Effective area: 8 283 m2
  • Built-up area: 584 m2
  • Architectural volume:
    — above 0.000 – 32 182 m3
    — below 0.000 – 3 503 m3
  • Parking lot: 24 cars