OOO «Yug-Nedvizhimost»

Russia, Krasnodar region, Sochi, Lazarevsky district, Dagomys microdistrict, Leningradskaya st., 7A

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Object type:
4-star apartment hotel
Total floor area of the building: 33 137.19 m2
Scope of works:
basic design | technical inspection of load bearing structures | engineering surveys | design and estimate documentation | technical support during non-governmental evaluation | detailed documentation for non-governmental evaluation | detailed documentation

Design project for the reconstruction of an existing 3-star hotel «Olimpiysky» into a 4-star apartment hotel

Design concept

The building is a part of the Olympic Dagomys Pansionat resort complex that covers a territory of 4.5 ha.

The main building of the complex is to be reconstructed into a 4-star apartment hotel with 410 rooms, a restaurant for 270 persons, a swimming pool, a workout area, a spa center, and a children’s edutainment center.

Site layout

The site is located in Sochi, Lazarevski district, Leningradskaya street, 7A. The resort’s territory has a complex shape and an uneven landscape with significant elevation differences. The site neighbours on private residential areas, the Dagomys hotel complex, and a park area. The site is accessible from Bolnichnaya street that goes along its east border.

The main idea of the reconstruction project is to redirect walkways to the new center of attraction -- the children’s edutainment center and the thematic playgrounds located in the building itself as well as on the surrounding territory.

A walkway alley that also serves as a fire lane goes around the reconstructed building’s perimeter. Pedestrian area goes from the secondary entrance at the north-east side of the territory, and all the way to the thematic playgrounds.

The hotel building sits close to the east border of the site. Thematic playgrounds of the children’s edutainment center are located to the west and south of it.

Architectural concepts

The building of the hotel has 10 floors and a cylindrical shape, with a radius of 41.15 meters at the first floor, and 35.2 meters at higher floors (including balconies). The hotel has 417 apartments, of which 19 are deluxe suites, and the rest are standard rooms. The apartments are located on floors 4 through 10. The entrance to the building is located on the second floor.

Beside the entrance hall the second floor also contains a conference hall, a reception desk with a waiting area, office space, and a lobby bar. Elevators and stairwells connect the entrance hall with the apartments on floors 4-10. There are a total of 6 elevators, 4 for guests and 2 for staff.

Half of the apartments face the sea, the other half face the mountains. Many apartments have glazed balconies shaped like semi-circles. The building itself has a certain fluidity to its shape, reminiscent of sea waves.

Key parameters

  • Total number of apartments – 410
  • Total floor area of the building – 33 137.19 m2
  • Useable floor area – 30 126.08 m2
  • Effective area: 24 700.15 m2
  • Number of floors – 10
  • Parking lots – for 22 cars