Russia, Krasnodar region, Sochi, Lazarevsky district, Dagomys microdistrict, Gaidara st.

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Object type:
Apartment building complex with public areas
Total floor area of the buildings: 41 236 m2
Scope of works:
basic design | design and estimate documentation | technical support during non-governmental evaluation | detailed documentation

Design project for the construction of two 17-floor apartment buildings connected by a single-floor underground parking lot for 50 cars.

Design concept

The main inspiration for this design project is the Western Dagomys river located in vicinity of the site. The complex itself symbolizes two waterworn boulders. Certain composition techniques were used in the decoration of facades in order to maximize this visual effect.

Site layout

The site is located in the midst of existing residential development. Streets go along its north and east borders, and the Western Dagomys river flows on the south and west sides. The elevation of the site changes between 4.9 and 6.4 meters.

The site’s prolate shape and size determined the specific layout design of the project - two elongated 17-floor apartment buildings that go side by side in almost parallel lines, from north to south. The shape of the buildings is visually reminiscent of marine motifs.

Gaidar street goes along the site’s perimeter. The entrance to the territory of the complex is located on the east side.

Architectural concepts

The building is constructed utilizing modern technologies and materials. Facades are insulated with rockwool and covered with stucco. The flat roof is non-accessible. Balcony railings are made of reinforced concrete and glass.

Each building is equipped with four elevators with a carrying capacity of 400 kg or 1000 kg, and a velocity of 1 m/s. All living floors and the ground floor are 3 meters high.The entrances to the apartments are located in the north-west sides of each building. The entrances to the public spaces are at the south, west, and each facades. Offices are located at the first floor.

Key parameters

  • Total number of apartments – 576, including:
    — 1-bedroom apartments – 384
    — 2-bedroom apartments – 192
  • Total floor area of the buildings – 41 236 m2
  • Total floor area of public spaces– 2 098 m2
  • Parking lots – for 50 cars