OOO «Alexandrovsky»

Russia, Krasnodar region, Sochi, Khostinsky district, Kudepsta microdistrict, Alexandrovsky lane

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Object type:
Apartment building complex with public areas
Total floor area of the building: 9 967.92 m2
Scope of works:
basic design | design documentation | technical support during non-governmental evaluation | detailed documentation

Design project for the construction of a 12-floor single-section apartment building, complete with public areas on the first floor, and a two-floor underground parking lot for 28 cars.

Design concept

Conceptually the design project is based on the land plot having a complex shape. For this reason it was decided that the building should have a linear shape with beige and brown-colored facades. Warm pastel hues complement the southern themes of the building’s exterior.

In general the apartment building fits in visually with the existing development of Kudepsta microdistrict of Sochi, and complements the ensemble of existing buildings. In order to maximize the blending effect, certain composition techniques were used in the decoration of facades, such as the color scheme and different types of balcony railings. There are more glazed balconies at higher floors.

Site layout

The apartment building is located in Kudepsta microdistrict of Khostinsky district of Sochi, 180 meters away from the the right bank of the Kudepsta river. The area between the building and the river is occupied by private houses along Alexandrovsky lane and Isrka street. The site of the apartment building borders with Alexandrovsky lane on the south side; on other sides it is surrounded by neighboring apartment buildings, shopping centers, and restaurants. Darwin street, a major avenue, goes along the west side of the land plot, 85 meters away from the border. Alexandrovsky lane goes 6 meters away from the site’s south border, and the entrance is located there.

Architectural concepts

The building is constructed utilizing modern technologies and materials. Facades are insulated with rockwool and covered with stucco. The flat roof is accessible, surrounded by a 1.2 m high glass fence. Balcony railings are made of reinforced concrete and glass.

The building is equipped with two elevators, one for 400 kg and the other for 1000 kg, both moving at a speed of 1 meter per second. Aboveground floors are 3 meters high, underground floors are 2.7 meters high. Entrances to the apartments are located on the north side of the building. Entrances to the public spaces are on the south side.

On the first floor of the building there are a children’s club and a fitness center. A parking lot is located on two underground floors.

Higher floors are divided into standard 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Key parameters

  • Total number of apartments – 121, including:
    — 1-bedroom apartments – 88
    —2-bedroom apartments – 23
  • Total floor area of the building – 9 967.92 m2
  • Parking lots – for 28 cars