OOO «Yug-Nedvizhimost»

Russia, Krasnodar region, Sochi, Lazarevsky district, Dagomys microdistrict, Leningradskaya st., 7A

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Object type:
4-star apartment hotel
Total floor area of the building: 16 300 m2
Scope of works:
engineering surveys | design and estimate documentation | technical support during non-governmental evaluation | detailed documentation

Design concept

Design project for the construction of a 4-star apartment hotel with 217 rooms and a medical clinic on the first two floors. The new building is to be located on the territory of the Olympic Dagomys Pansionat resort complex that covers 4.5 ha.

Site layout

The site is located in Lazarevsky district of Sochi, on Leningradskaya st., 7A. The resort’s territory has a complex shape, and contains buildings of various functional use, as well as recreational areas. The terrain is complex, with significant elevation changes.

The site borders with areas of individual residential development, as well as the Dagomys Hotel Complex, and a forest park. Vehicle access to the Meridian apartment hotel is located on the east side of the area, on Bolnichnaya street. Adjacent developed landscape is an important asset.

Architectural concepts

The building of the hotel has a rectangular shape, 57.3 х 22.2 meters. Its height from the ground to the surface of the accessible roof is 36.9 meters. The building itself is a reinforced concrete frame with 200 mm thick floor slabs and 400x400 mm columns, standing on a raft foundation. Interior walls are made of expanded clay blocks. Main entrances are located on the east side of the building.

The hotel’s two underground levels contain a parking lot for 55 cars and service areas of the medical clinic. The first floor is divided between the clinic itself and the main entrance hall of the hotel. The second floor contains more of the clinic’s medical facilities, as well as the hotel apartments. Floors 3-12 are dedicated to hotel rooms.

The building’s roof is accessible, it can contain a recreational area with barbecue, inflatable swimming pools, and lounge chairs.

Key parameters

  • Total number of apartments – 217
  • Total floor area of the building – 16 300 m2
  • Useable floor area – 11 5171.7 m2
  • Number of floors – 12
  • Parking lots – for 55 cars