«Clover Group» Holding Company, represented by OOO «Oasis»

Russia, Krasnodar region, Sochi, Central district, Parallelnaya st., 9

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Object type:
Apartment building complex with public areas and elements of social infrastructure
Total floor area of all buildings and structures: 70 000 m2
Scope of works:
engineering surveys | pile field survey | design documentation | technical support during regulatory evaluation | detailed documentation | designer supervision | technical support during commissioning

General information

Apartment buildings are fully accessible to persons with limited mobility. Roads around the buildings are 6 meters wide.

The apartment building complex includes several parking lots:

  • 2 open modular parking lots
  • 3 parking lots located on accessible roofs of municipal buildings
  • 1 underground parking lot for the customers of the mall in the southwest part of the area

At least 10% of car spaces in the parking lots are designated for persons with limited mobility.

The first two floors of the apartment buildings have sections designated as office space. These sections are isolated from living quarters and have their own entrances. Each entrance to living quarters has its own hall with a concierge.

The buildings are constructed utilizing modern technologies and materials.They have a classic square shape, strict and laconic. Facades are covered with Dryvit system finishing that consists of insulation, reinforced fiberglass mesh, and silicate plaster. External wall panels are insulated with Rockwool Facade Batts. Balcony walls are not insulated. Roofs of the buildings are fenced with metal railings on reinforced concrete bases. Windows installed in the buildings are Metalplast aluminium profiles and double-glazed PVC units.

Internal finishing of public areas is made using traditional materials:

  • Stucco, waterborne coating and wallpaper on walls
  • Ceramic tiles in humid premises, ceiling-high
  • Stucco and whitewash on ceilings
  • Ceramic tiles on floors in halls and service areas

Structural systems of the buildings are designed to withstand local seismic activity.

Key parameters

  • Total number of apartments – 860, including:
    • 1-bedroom apartments – 516
    • 2-bedroom apartments – 86
    • 3-bedroom apartments – 258
  • Total floor area of apartment buildings – 56 420 m2
  • Total floor area of the mall – 3 100 m2
  • Total floor area of the sports center – 2 750 m2
  • Total area of office space – 5 990 m2
  • Parking lots – for 180 cars