Administration of ZATO Uglegorsk, Amur region

Russia, Amur region, Tsiolkovsky, near «Vostok» recreation center

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Object type:
Multi-functional (fitness, recreational, memorial, exhibitional, historical, cultural)
Total area of landscaping: 4.0 ha
Scope of works:
concept development | design and estimate documentation

Site layout

The urban park is located in the closed town of Tsiolkovsky (ex-Uglegorsk) at the end of the main urban artery, Marshala Nedelina street, between Krasnogvardeyskaya street and a planned street on the east side.

Within the park’s territory there is a shopping and entertainment center in the northern part, and a catering establishment in the southeastern part. Historically this territory was a recreational area with abundant vegetation in the central and northern parts. At present the area is in poor condition and requires fundamental rethinking and renewal.

Designing the landscaping of the recreation park also requires analyzing the existing landscapes, walkways, and the interests of local citizens.

Design concept

The concept of the renewed park is based around the idea of space exploration, which is reflected in its landscaping and amenities. The main goal is to create an area that would be recognizable by its specific traits and features.

A comprehensive analysis revealed the main pedestrian walkways, vehicle access routes, and points of connection with the town’s major landmarks. Thereby the main points of entrance to the park were established.

Functional zoning

1. The entertainment and events area is located in the southern part of the park, near an area densely covered with trees. There’s an open square with a stage, a dry deck fountain (currently under design), and a children’s playground nearby. The decision to locate a playground near the area of increased activity (with a square and a fountain) was made for historical reasons, and also so that parents could watch their kids playing while they themselves spend time in the square or in a cafeteria. There’s also a roofed rest area with benches, from where all kids’ playgrounds can be observed. An outdoor cafe is planned to the west of the stage. In wintertime, the square can host Christmas fairs or weekend markets.

2. The central part of the park is the child and family area. There are two main walkways; one goes along the thematic playgrounds with kinetic and light art objects; the other is the central pedestrian esplanade. This is the more active part of the park, it passes through its whole territory and leads to the stadium. In this area there are two squares and a circus, which are currently not used for anything. Our design project suggests to install kinetic and light art objects along with rest areas in the two squares. The circus is envisioned to become a garden for enamored couples, with benches separated by living fences, and a luminous art object in the center. The southeastern part of the park will contain a picnic area with hammocks hanged between trees.

3. Fitness and sports grounds for older kids and teenagers are located in the western part of the park, and include a skate park and a workout area.

4. A history themed open air exhibition area is planned in the northern part of the park, which is currently overgrown.